Be A Celebrity Guest Expert!

Imagine reaching thousands of your ideal customers in one podcast interview?

What’s that worth to your business?

It could change your life.

When you’re a guest expert appearing on podcasts, you’re seen as the authority in your niche.

Since podcasts are on demand, concentrated niche content, they have strong captive audiences.

People will want to work with you because they see you as a problem solver for what ails them.

This only happens if you appear on the right podcasts that cater to the specific audience you’re looking for and…that actually needs what you have to offer.

We, at Podcast Interview Experts, thoroughly research the podcasts we place you on, so they are a perfect fit and give you immediate ROI on your investment.

We are your hired gun.

In regards to pricing, we work on an upfront retainer plus pay for performance program.

The upfront retainer guarantees you 2 niche relevant podcast appearances.

After that, we have a per podcast appearance charge based on our 3 tier pricing list.

At this stage, if we can’t book you on podcasts, you don’t give us compensation.

Our policy is all podcast guest bookings must be paid to us once they are booked.

To discuss further, let’s have a free consultation by¬†clicking here.