We Book Entrepreneurs As Guests On Interview-Based Business Podcasts!

Would you like to attract new customers?

Get noticed in new markets?

Build great business relationships with highly influential people?

Being a guest on popular industry relevant podcasts can fast-track you there.

My name is Dave Mendonca. I’m a 20-year media/publicity veteran and founder of Podcast Interview Experts.

Entrepreneurs, thought leaders, consultants & coaches across the globe are starting to discover how “the new radio” can put you in front of thousands (even tens of thousands) of targeted prospects that you would have never had access to before.

We are committed to elevating your business marketing efforts to new heights, so you can be THE AUTHORITY in your niche.

You can add to your credibility by also being a podcast host that has great interviews with top quality industry respected guests who will boost your stock in your client’s eyes.

Overall, the bottom line is this.

You’re busy running your business, so let us us take away the hassle and time commitment by booking you onto the best industry relevant podcasts that actually speak to your ideal customers and/or get you superstar podcast guests your audience will love, so you can focus on what you’re great at – growing your business!

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