Be A Popular Podcast Host!

Imagine having your industry’s top influencers on your podcast?

What would that do for your credibility and business?

Think about the potential opportunities you could have by establishing relationships with those heavy hitters.

Also, how do you think your listeners and potential customers will view you, if they see that you have a major podcast guest?

They’ll think you’re a big deal and will see you in an entirely different light.

We, at Podcast Interview Experts, will thoroughly research and book top flight niche relevant guests for your podcast, so you’ll attract more attention to your show, build strong relationships with big influencers in your niche and attract more customers who are impressed with who you’re associating with and what you have to offer.

We are your hired gun.

In regards to pricing, we work on an upfront retainer plus pay for performance program.

The upfront retainer guarantees you 2 niche relevant podcast guests.

After that, we have a per podcast guest charge based on our 3 tier pricing list.

At this stage, if we can’t book you guests on your podcast, you don’t give us compensation.

Our policy is all podcast guest bookings must be paid to us once they are booked.

To discuss further, let’s have a free consultation by¬†clicking here.